Leukotape Classic Rigid Zinc Oxide Strapping Tape (5 Pack)


  • Powerful zinc oxide adhesion
  • Excellent support and stabilisation of joints
  • Breathable, yet waterproof
  • Contains 5 individually-packed rolls
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Leukotape Classic Rigid Zinc Oxide Strapping Tape (5 Pack)

The Leukotape Classic Rigid Zinc Oxide Strapping Tape is a non-elastic strapping tape with a strong zinc oxide adhesive. It offers efficient stabilisation of joint structures and is constructed from 100% cotton fabric. The Leukotape’s zinc oxide adhesive provides it with a particularly reliable initial and long-term adhesion, which in turn enhances its stabilising function.

The Leukotape is suitable for use in all clinics and hospitals, especially those working with sporting injuries.

For a quick and easy application, the Leukotape Strapping Tape can be torn by hand. The Leukotape Classic is water resistant, yet air permeable.

Indications of the Leukotape Strapping Tape

  • Rigid joint immobilisation
  • Provides extra strong support for sports injuries (sprains and strains)
  • Prophylaxis of sport injuries
  • Limitation of movement

Features and Benefits of the Leukotape Classic

  • Rigid zinc oxide tape (non stretch tape)
  • Hand-tearable for quick and easy application
  • Inextensible backing material provides rigid support
  • Permeable to air and water resistant
  • Individually boxed

Leukotape Rigid Zinc Oxide Strapping Tape Size Guide:

All Leukotape sizes are sold in boxes containing 5 individually packed rolls.

Leukotape Size Measurements (W x L)
Small 2cm x 10m
Medium 3.75cm x 10m
Large 5cm x 10m
Width x Length

Small (2cm x 10m), Medium (3.75cm x 10m), Large (5cm x 10m)

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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