Auscultation Trainer and SmartScope


  • Realistic Auscultation trainer
  • A range of heart and lung conditions audibly replicated
  • Different, anatomically correct sites allow for accurate auscultation
  • An optional amplifier is available
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Auscultation Trainer and Smartscope

A major breakthrough in auscultation training, the Auscultation Trainer and Smartscope provides a highly realistic training experience. Allowing training of the auscultation of various heart and lung sounds as in a real patient, instructors can select various conditions by a wireless remote control, and can even control more than one trainer simultaneously, perfect for class practise.

When the correct auscultation sites have been identified through by palpation, the heart and lung sounds can be heard by using the special Stethoscope (SmartScope) or with the optionally supplied amplifier.

Lifelike Student-Led Training Experience

Highly realistic and requiring no more than the push of a button for multiple trainers to start operation, the Auscultation Trainer allows for students to take full control of their training session, with correct palpations identifying the affected sites. A menu of varying heart and lung conditions are all selectable via remote control and can be detected from the following, realistically mapped points on the model body:

  • Lungs: 5 anterior, 10 posterior, and two midaxillary locations
  • Heart: 6 anterior sites

Working at a range of up to 30 meters, the Trainer is an excellent opportunity for instructors to take a step back and allow students to experience the realistic one-to-one duties of serving a patient.

Replicates a Range of Heart and Lung Conditions

Heart sounds:

  • Normal
  • Aortic regurgitation
  • Pulmonary stenosis
  • Mitral stenosis
  • Holosystolic
  • Mid-systolic
  • S3 Gallop
  • S4 Gallop
  • Systolic click
  • Atrial septal defect
  • PDA
  • VSD

Lung sounds:

  • Normal tracheal
  • Normal vesicular
  • Wheezes
  • Mono wheeze
  • Fine crackle
  • Coarse crackle
  • Ronchi crackle
  • Stridor
  • Cavernous
  • Bronchovesicular
  • Bronchial
  • Pulmonary edema
  • Infant
  • Friction rub
  • Egophony
  • Pectoriloquy

Key Features

  • Realistic training model
  • Remote operated to 100 feet
  • Single remote can control multiple trainers, does not need to be directed at model to work
  • Ideal for group instruction
  • Invisible Auscultation Sites
  • No Internal Speakers
  • Completely Wireless
  • Palpable Landmarks
  • Heart and Lung Sounds Vary at Different Sites

Kit Contents

  • 1 x Trainer
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 1 x Smartscope with single and dual user headpieces
  • 3 x “AAA” batteries
  • 1 x Hard carry case
  • 1 x Amplifier (optional)

Compatible Equipment

  • M-1005644 Additional Body
  • M-1017310 Additional Remote
  • M-1019721 Amplifier Speaker System 110V

Without Amplifier, With Amplifier

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