Anatomical Model Life-Size Skeleton


  • Full size skeleton comes with stand and dust cover
  • Perfect for display, demonstrations and education
  • Skeleton’s skull, arms, legs and three lower teeth are detachable
  • Has a heavy-duty base to ensure skeleton stability


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Anatomical Model Life-Size Skeleton

Teaching physiology can be difficult without the use of a skeleton; for visual learners, it’s much easier if you show them where different parts of the body are on a model. The Anatomical Model Life-Size Skeleton has been specifically designed as a visual aid for teaching physiology and hygiene courses.

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Full Size Skeleton
  • 1 x Stand
  • 1 x Dust Cover

What Is the Anatomical Model Life-Size Skeleton For?

The Anatomical Model Skeleton is an extremely lifelike skeleton that features 22 realistic bones. It features a removable skull, arms and legs, allowing you to demonstrate to students and patients easily. Suitable uses include:

  • For Demonstrations: You can use the Anatomical Skeleton for demonstrations in hospitals, with the realistic, removable parts perfect for showing to patients different parts of the human anatomy.
  • For Education: The realism of the Life-Size Skeleton make it a must have for educational facilities such as schools, colleges and universities.
  • For Display: The supplied stand enables you to stand the Life-Size Skeleton up, making it the perfect display model for your office or care and education institution.

Why Is the Anatomical Model Skeleton Ideal for Demonstrations?

It’s common in hospitals and clinics for doctors, nurses and GPs to explain different conditions to their patients. The realism of the Anatomical Life-Size Skeleton enables you to do this efficiently, leading to greater patient wellbeing and less confusion during communication.

Why Is the Anatomical Model Skeleton Ideal for Education?

As the Model Skeleton feature removable parts, it means that it is the perfect choice for education purposes. The extremely lifelike design can be used to show children and education students different parts of the anatomy in a fun way.

Why Is the Anatomical Model Skeleton Ideal for Display?

As well as for demonstrations, the Anatomical Model Skeleton is also ideal for display in offices, medical clinics, surgeries and hospitals. The reason why is because it is supplied with a metal stand which enables you to transport and stand the model wherever you please. The human and lifelike design is particularly ideal for use in clinics that specialise in orthopedics and have a particular interest in the human skeleton.

Can I Adjust the Medical Skeleton?

The skull, arms and legs of the Medical Skeleton are detachable. Its skull is composed of 22 bones, a transversely cut Calvarium and a moveable mandible (i.e. lower jaw). Three of the skeleton’s lower teeth (an incisor, cuspid and molar) are removable.

As the Skeleton features a number of removable parts, it means that it can be condensed down into a smaller package. This makes it easy to transport from A to B, perfect for universities and hospitals.

Features of the Skeleton Model

  • Includes a stand and dust cover
  • Has a heavy-duty base
  • Skull, arms and legs are detachable
  • Skeleton’s lower jaw is moveable
  • Three lower teeth are removable
  • The skeleton is 180cm tall
  • Made of PVC plastic which wipes clean

Key Specifications

  • Sizing: 180cm tall
  • Parts: 22 bones and three teeth
  • Material: PVC plastic
  • Weight: 27.6kg
  • Product Code: 091214295

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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