Alexandra Workwear Hygienic Overshoes


  • Pack of 100 elasticated overshoes for wearing over footwear
  • Ideal for a variety of industries including health care and manufacturing
  • Shoe cover material is embossed for added grip on surfaces
  • Disposable design ideal for preventing contamination


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Alexandra Workwear Hygienic Disposable Overshoes (Pack of 100)

Hard-wearing and tough, the Alexandra Workwear Hygienic Disposable Overshoes (Pack of 100) are easy-to-use hygienic shoe covers for use in any work setting that requires them. Wear these overshoes over existing footwear and protect your feet from unpleasant conditions.

What’s Included

  • 100 x Disposable overshoes

Who Can Use the Disposable Overshoes?

With an embossed grip and elasticated ankle strap, the hygienic overshoes have multiple attributes that make them highly advantageous for a number of professions, including:

  • Nursing
  • Nursing Assistants
  • Care Homes
  • Care Assistants
  • Head Nurses
  • Dentistry
  • Hospital Ward Staff
  • Hospital Ward Manager
  • Veterinarians
  • Doctors
  • Consultants
  • Truck Drivers
  • Lorry Drivers
  • Warehousing
  • Oil Refinery
  • Oil Rigs
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing

Why Should I Choose the Alexandra Workwear Hygienic Overshoes?

The Hygienic Overshoes have a number of attributes which make them highly useful covers for footwear:

  • Material is embossed for added grip on surfaces
  • Elasticated ankle strap allows for perfect fit on ankles
  • Manufactured from compressed polyethylene for added strength

What Makes the Alexandra Workwear Hygienic Overshoes So Useful?

The overshoes are highly useful accessories for many different industries. This is because spillages, messes and accidents can occur in a wide array of scenarios. These overshoes are special because they are especially durable and embossed for a durable, strong grip on the ground.

What Is the Sizing of the Alexandra Hygienic Overshoes?

Overshoes should fit around the entire shoe to allow for complete coverage. That’s why the Alexandra overshoes are measured at around: 36 x 41cm, allowing coverage of most average sized shoes.

How Many Overshoes Do You Get in a Pack?

Per pack, the Alexandra Workwear Hygienic Overshoes come in boxes of 100. These overshoes are particularly durable, which means you should get a lot of usage from one pack.

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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