Adult Auscultation SmartScope


  • Tool to identify correct auscultation locations
  • For use with the Adult CriSis Manikin
  • Ideal for training in groups
  • Hear different sounds as SmartScope moves across the manikin


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Adult Auscultation SmartScope

Designed for use with Life/Form Auscultation Manikins such as the Adult CriSis Manikin, the Adult Auscultation SmartScope is an ideal training tool for medical students and trainers alike. The device enables students to listen to a number of different heart and lung sounds that are located in a number of different locations on the manikin.

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Auscultation SmartScope

Who Can Use the SmartScope?

The SmartScope is designed for use with Lifeform Auscultation simulators such as the Adult CRiSis Manikin. It is useful for training the following medical professionals:

  • RCUK
  • ALS
  • ACLS
  • Paramedics
  • EMT
  • Nurses

Key Features and Benefits

  • For use with Life/Form Auscultation Manikins
  • Ideal for listening to simulated heart and lung conditions
  • Perfect for medical trainers
  • Range of 100 feet remote access

How Do I Use the SmartScope?

To use the device, the student must palpate to identify correct auscultation locations, and will hear different heart and lung sounds as the SmartScope is moved to different locations on the manikin. A diagnosis of the condition selected by the instructor can be made by comparing the variations in sounds occurring at different sites, just as you would with a real patient.

Are Any Add-Ons Available?

To control both manikins and SmartScope you’ll need an Auscultation Trainer Remote Control. One remote control will operate multiple sets of SmartScopes and manikins simultaneously, making this an excellent tool for use in group training.

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