3-Part Female Pelvis Model with Ligaments


  • Life-size anatomical model of female pelvis
  • Details anatomical structures of bony pelvis
  • Includes pelvic ligaments
  • Aids anatomical study


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3-Part Female Pelvis Model with Ligaments

The 3-Part Female Pelvis Model with Ligaments is a life-size, original cast of the female pelvis. It details the anatomical structures of the bony pelvis, including two hip bones and a removable fifth lumbar vertebra with intervertebral disc.

A midsagital section through the fifth lumbar vertebra, sacrum and coccyx allows both halves of the pelvis to be disassembled. This reveals part of the cauda equina in the vertebral canal. The left half of the fifth lumbar vertebral body is removable. This model also details the pelvic ligaments on the right half of the structure, enabling even more detailed anatomical study. The 3-Part Female Pelvis thus makes a useful, visual aid within medical education, ideal for use with both students and patients.

Components of the 3-Part Female Pelvis Model

This 3-part structure of the female pelvis comprises of:

  • Two hip bones
  • Pubic symphysis
  • Sacrum
  • Coccyx
  • Removable fifth lumbar vertebra with intervertebral disc

Ligaments Presented in the 3-Part Female Pelvis Model

The right half of the 3-Part Female Pelvis Model with Ligaments shows the following pelvic ligaments:

  • Inguinal ligament
  • Sacrotuberous ligament
  • Sacrospinous ligament
  • Anterior sacroiliac ligaments
  • Iliolumbar ligament
  • Anterior longitudinal ligament
  • Interosseous sacroiliac ligament
  • Posterior sacroiliac ligament
  • Obturator membrane

Applications for the 3-Part Female Pelvis Model with Ligaments

The 3-Part Female Pelvis Model makes a useful tool for medical education, therefore especially suitable for use in the following environments:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Laboratories

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 19 x 27 x 19cm
  • Weight: 1kg

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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